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Event Services

From the grandeur of milestone celebrations to the heartwarming intimacy of small gatherings, Events by Allison offers a comprehensive suite of event planning and facilitation services that ensure every facet of the occasion is perfectly executed.

Below are a few examples of the event services that EBA offers. Click here to contact Events By Allison to begin your event planning journey today!

Small Business Events and Meetings

Success often resides in the details, particularly when planning small business events or meetings. Services range from selecting the perfect venue to arranging for catering, decor, and technical needs. Every event is designed to foster networking, boost morale, or celebrate achievements.

Showers: Baby or Bridal

Every life milestone deserves a celebration. Whether it's a joyful baby shower or an exciting bridal shower, each event is personalized to reflect individual style and taste. An expertly planned event lets hosts savor these special moments, free from the stress of coordination and execution.

In-Home Private Dinners

Intimate gatherings can make the deepest impressions. Whether it's a formal dinner or a casual get-together, each in-home private dinner is meticulously planned. From menu selection to custom cocktails, all details are expertly managed, turning every dinner into a memorable event.

Surprise, Birthday, Retirement Parties

Be it a surprise, birthday, or retirement party, every aspect is meticulously planned and executed. The perfect venue, theme, decor, and schedule are expertly managed, ensuring memorable moments and joyful experiences. With precise coordination and a keen eye for detail, each event becomes a cherished memory.

Engagement Parties

The announcement of a lifetime deserves a celebration to match. Every engagement party is curated with care, reflecting the couple's style and love story. All aspects of the event are seamlessly managed, allowing everyone to celebrate this special milestone.

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